A Workshop for Anxious Times

Calm Body Calm Mind Green Chair

This three hour taster workshop covers;

  • How anxiety affects the body and brain in anxious times. 
  • How to identify where in your body anxiety shows up. 
  • How to downshift your autonomic nervous system towards calm, mindful resilience.
  • Tools & strategies to soothe & calm an anxious mind or anxious body.
  • Strategies for emotional first aid.

Our approach includes neuroscience knowledge, experiential practice & play as well as body-based practices. We believe that if you know what’s happening in your brain and body, you can then find the appropriate solution for dissolving stress, anxiety & become internally resilient.  Expect to walk away with the tools and strategies to calm your entire body. You will learn which Calm Body • Calm Mind “prescription”  to use according to what is happening in your body & mind.

The workshop is interactive and shows a pathway towards managing yourself through tough times & beyond. Previous participants have called this workshop A Handbook for Being Human.”  

Expect to learn and apply the following Calm Body • Calm Mind strategies

Breath – the many ways in which breath dissolves, releases and calms the entire body. We introduce the vagus nerve as a superhighway to your whole system. You will learn how to regulate your breath according to which aspect of your autonomic nervous system is activated. Expect to learn the anatomy & power of your breath.

Mindful Movement – learn to anchor awareness in a moving body. Using a simple series of interlinking stretches you learn how to physically realign joints, tendons and muscles, releasing stress that has taken up residence in the body.

Balance – aligning head, heart & belly, the autonomic nervous system. You will learn the prime functions of each and the gentle questions to ask yourself to prompt alignment. 

Mindful Silence/Presence – Be here now. How do you do that so that your mind is not running you headlong into past, present or future events? Presence – Learn how to quieten your mind. – You will learn brain functions and their effect when you quieten down. You’ll learn strategies for mindfulness and how to softly lean into body sensations to stop the mind from overrunning you.

Story/Narrative – The stories we tell ourselves & the language we use to tell them can have a profound effect on our state of mind.  In this module, we play with the power of language in creating intentional practices that support the release of anxiety.

Cost:$135.00 – A payment plan is available, please do ask.

Don Johnson & Carol Neilson are your facilitators. Carol is an innovator in personal development – bridging yin yoga, NLP, mindfulness, energy medicine and neuroscience. She is joined by Don Johnson – Neuroscience Trainer, mNLP & Safety Coach.

This particular workshop is informed by their passion, knowledge & training in the neuroscience of anxiety & depression and trauma-informed yoga. Their desire is to teach people how to access a wiser, more compassionate way of alleviating suffering within their body & mind. That the notion of Calm Body & Calm Mind arises from a vision of “what if being kind to yourself can make a difference.”

The body of work includes references to Bessel Van der Kolk, Peter Levine, Grant Soosolu, Bo Forbes, Deb Dana, David Treleaven, Hala Khouri, & Kyra Haglund,