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    My name is Carol Neilson

    I ask questions, then I listen to you, with my heart, my ears and my eyes. I know, it sounds so simple … but its the best way to describe what I do. More on deeper process here

    We have a relationship. You decide what that is and how it looks, I show up, you show up and we nourish your desire to …………… {fill in the gap} This is spirited transformation.

    I bring all my knowledge of life & skills to our spirited conversation and you decide what happens next, and how. I will offer idea’s, check in with my intuition and teach you how to trust yours. The possibilities are limitless as to where we may journey.

    When I am not with you, you can find me loving family & friends, living in my small country cottage, with HimSelf, two sheep {Lulu & Horace}, a flock of hens and three burmese cats, imbibing good red wine, LOVING life, meditating and doing what makes me happy, over and again.

    I have traveled to India to carry sponsor money to monks and nuns that have fled Tibet, nearly drowned in a rafting accident, am a published poet, artist and writer. Stood in Picadilly Square protesting against George Bush. Am a passionate supporter for the truth and how I can keep loving no matter the situation. My desire for this world is to move humanity one step at a time. This work is my contribution.

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    Want to know more? Go here for the academia stuff