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We all need simple ways to turn the volume down on anxiety, stress & fear. Ways to shift us into calm sustainable practices. At Calm Body Calm Mind, we have curated accessible mind & body antidotes you can come back to time & again. Each is doable, life-changing & supports people to feel better & live well. 

In fact, we want people to be their own Chief Wellbeing Officer  – their role is to look after mind & body, ask for support, shift the anxiety/stress cycle, speak out loud about the things that are stressing them, and live a life in balance. They are the only ones who can do this, and we have the tools to guide, mentor & teach them. 

We create a bespoke ‘antidote’ that is unique to your particular circumstances by ‘prescribing’ a combination of mind, body practices that soothe, nourish & calms an anxious mind & anxious body. 

In each face to face session, we use a HeartMath emWave machine that gives you in the moment feedback on how to control your physiological responses to anxiety & stress. It allows us to monitor your progress as you apply your ‘prescription’ to everyday life. 

In just several minutes each day, your daily practices will build inner resilience, strengthen body awareness, soften & heal the inner critic and bring you into a Calm Body & Calm Mind. These are practices you can access anytime, anywhere. Along the way, we coach you towards shifting mindset, cultivating mental resilience & wellbeing. 


Exhale Discovery Session

Complimentary – One 30 minute session  

This Exhale | Discovery session is ideal for you if you want answers to specific questions. You may be feeling anxious, stressed and are having sleepless nights. We’ll audit the current situation in a safe and trusting space where you can fully exhale life.

This does not include a Calm Body + Calm Mind “prescription. You will gain clarity about next steps.


Inhale | Exhale Coaching

90 minute session + 30 minute follow up.  

The Inhale | Exhale Session – 90 minutes just you and me. We’ll identify areas of anxiety &/or stress, understand how these causative factors affect mind & body, uncover where you want to be, and the mind + body shifts to get there. 

Includes in-depth assessment via intake form. A Calm Body + Calm Mind “prescription” & email support.