• I can’t find a photo Dammit!

    by  • November 20, 2013 • blog, Yin Yoga

    There is no photo here, because I can’t find one that fits this post!

    There has been a LOT of conversation out in the world about Yoga body images, LuluLemon and criticising women who don’t fit the stereotypical look of Yoga Teachers. Personally I have had enough of it all. Finding stock images for the YinYoga website of everyday people like you, me, my friends & students in Yoga postures has been ridiculously impossible.

    Yes … every time I introduce myself as a Yoga teacher the bells and whistles go off reminding me I am still working through my OWN inner belief system about yoga body image. Actually, body image fullstop. A journey you can read a little more about here

    Nor have I any intention of going roguely skinny to meet body type misconceptions of a teacher. I have watched subtle peer pressure in studios where teachers begin to conform {consciously or unconsciously} to meet the studio “image/brand” Somewhere along the line in this process we can begin to lose our sense of worth, esteem and value. Another journey I am all too familiar with.

    So I am DONE with it. No, I won’t be stripping off my gear to advertise YinYoga just to prove a point. BUT I am asking if you would be a part of a photo shoot so I can get this myth busted in an organic way.

    The photo shoot will be in Napier at the YinYoga studio. If you would like to know more email me, Everyone is welcome.


    P. S. A yoga body is not about how one looks.

    Its being grounded, connected and able to hear the whispers of love break through the inner stories.