• harlot on the road

    by  • February 11, 2012 • blog

    I’ve been having a few “harlot on the road” biz ideas …

    Near moments of lying in the middle of the road, offering to be everything to everyone with the shiniest (tired, old) new service/product/offering/fix them list I’ve just thought up.

    Dirty familiarity with a Biz version of the Kama Sutra. Its the “hello sailor, want a kiss”  I’m CHEAP, I think I have something you want. NEARLY selling myself out to pay the rent. Late night compromising positions, fueled by expectations, impatience and a longing for True Love of the lasting I’m yours for ever kind.

    Do you know what I am saying here?

    Its the moment when you take your focus away from the Jumped Up, Juiced Up, Light the Candles Mary I’m Coming Home kind of work that you here on this fricking earth to do … I know you know what I am talking about …  selling yourself out for a quickie bit of cash? (yes, it is an innuendo laced metaphor, but BABY, untie those laces and lets tell the truth here)

    That kind of moment … have you ever?

    Yes? Well sugah,  we have that in common!

    Recanting + Reformation can be fucking hard. Just as hard is letting go the notion that being on the side of the road is the means to make it in FemBiz. Being a harlot has its place, (still working this out) but then comes enlightened thinking, great gobbets of blazing light, a loud and insistent voice giving directions and a tumbling into place all the signs and signals that say GO THIS WAY INSTEAD …

    So Break out the Hallelujah Chorus because this harlot has picked herself up, given the sailors the flick, called Mary (collect) and said, “I’m coming home” … she wept.