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Journal Your Life

I find journal writing to be a way of sorting what’s in my mind, bridging my inner and outer worlds. It is in these pages that I find the solace, contemplation and solitude that life events sometimes demand I seek. It is in these pages that my yearnings become apparent and are made flesh. The pages also become wastelands of broken dreams and heartaches, burnished by emotions sometimes too painful to be spoken aloud.

My noticing over the years has been how close to the bone my truth has become as I pare away trivialities and speak right to the essential moment, without my stories. It is easy, to tell the truth about my life to women who are truly able to listen without agenda. How they honour my truth is sacred & life-changing. They have inspired my offering of wild women writing.

Our inner world is NOT meant to be repressed and pushed away; it is meant to see the light of day, witnessed & acknowledged, so it no longer has us in its throes. Our inner world has a voice that is meant to be heard, not smothered, to avoid conflict or please another.

Journaling is the foundation for my business & personal life

The journal pages, also hold the seeds for new beginnings and the small deaths of the old. It is a way of writing my way out of the box, of hearing my authentic voice.

I can start a page with the real questions, knowing that it is only me here. No approval is needed, only eyes to see, and heart to hear what stirs within me.

Wild Women Journal Writing is about asking the questions that deepen us and taking a risk on the page. Being willing to be visible, to ourselves. You are NOT required to be a “writer”, just be willing to travel wherever your thoughts and words will take you and in the process leave your critic on the side of the road as you journey.

Come and join me … I have no expectations of where we travel, or how. This is for you to decide alone …