Kind Words

Many times after classes kind words are offered to me, juicy with loving kindness and goodness. I offer them below as a way for you to receive them also. They describe embodied feelings evoked by a yin class and my style of guiding.

~ with gratitude for your kind words

  • You are more than a teacher, you change people’s lives.
  • I love how you made yoga for everyone. Doesn’t matter what body shape or ability we have.
  • Connecting. Trust. Knowing. Deep. Spiritual connection. Wisdom. Chillax.
  • I loved how your classes were always different, you tuned into the class & rolled with their needs.
  • I miss your incredible voice.
  • True to self. This is who you are Carol. Insight. Intuitive. Master. Respect. Non-judgement.
  • Great sense of humour. Leave feeling complete. I miss you!
  • For me yin woke me spiritually again – it was a beautiful awakening.
  • Blissful, heavenly surrender, back home.
  • How I wish I could feel like this all the time.
  • Calm, peaceful, soulful, self-loving and caring, still, quiet, healing, deeply relaxing.
  • It’s like a mind, emotional, body and soul-deep meditation, one with God/dess self. The effects last for ages and helps restorative deep sleep. 
  • I love how you would talk about the postures and how they help the body & mind.
  • Your classes saved my life.

As a yin yoga guide & transformational mentor, I hold space for you to explore the mystery and divinity of your practice, scaffolded with trauma-sensitive awareness. I guide you to the doorway of your body and invite you to breathe yourself across the threshold to what lies within. Neither of us knows where we might be going, but the simple tools of breath, compassion, kindness, and presence allow us to stay connected in the moment.

Often times a well-placed question offers insight into the sensation of being human in a yin asana. I love yin as a practice because it invites mindful silence, awareness of self, the edges of where the mind meets the body and the conversation that opens up within that.

It is a privilege to guide a roomful of students, one I don’t take lightly.