Kitchen Table Conversations


You were so afraid of my voice

I decided to be afraid of it too

~ rupi kaur

For many, many years, I have travelled with some beloved women by my side. Their kitchen table conversations, books/speaking/music/art grounded me, offered solace when I raged against a culture that had social mores & compartments women were meant to fit into. Their wisdom helped me to navigate my wounded, ancestral feminine self. They helped me grow, understand the raw essence of this feminine power, and stop blaming myself for being who I am.

I am eternally grateful to them for their unstinting devotion to our feminine lineages. For authentically holding these spirited conversations that have allowed women to emerge, like turtles from their shells, myself one of them.

These women have been the record keepers and seers of the centuries; they held the threads of our divinity whilst we journeyed so far away from our true nature.

They are Divine Alchemists of the feminine kind. Throughout history, they were the ones transmuting life into rich wisdom we could embody and made sense of it all when we could not.

Now we return. No longer trying to fix ourselves to meet patriarchal expectations, we speak out loud, righting injustices. We no longer cover our mouths with our hands holding back torrents of words. We know how to speak from the feminine using language banished from our narratives.

“Women will starve in silence until new stories are created which confer on them the power of naming themselves”

~ Sarah Gilbert 

Truth Elixirs

My noticing over the years has been how close to the bone my truth has become as I pare away trivialities and speak right to the essential moment, without my stories. It is easy to tell the truth about my life, my changing body, my divinity, and my sexuality to women who are truly able to listen without agenda. How they honour my truth is sacred & life-changing. They have inspired my offering of truth elixirs

Our inner world is NOT meant to be repressed and pushed away; it is meant to see the light of day, witnessed & acknowledged, so it no longer has us in its throes. Our inner world has a voice that is meant to be heard, not smothered, to avoid conflict or please another.

Journey Notes are spirited truth elixirs emailed out randomly to the mailing list. Like letters from a devoted friend, I will offer a conversation for you to muse upon, navigate with, write about, create with, embody. Occasionally I’ll send out a recorded meditation, a yin yoga flow, writing prompts or a contemplation. You might use them as a hearthstone to build a fire to warm yourself on your yoga or writing journey.

My hope is that you will join me, let’s build a bonfire together.