• knowing that love heals & blessings create miracles

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    This is my darling friend Rene.

    Last year she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3, with the medical system offering her a limited life span. AND in inimitable Rene style she went to work on creating a miracle, this photo was taken in the midst of that miracle.

    A year plus later, she is participating in an experimental treatment because the miracle has faded a little.

    So I have a request –

    For my birthday today, I am asking you all to hold this beloved friend of mine in your hearts as she gathers strength to hold her life again in her hands. Knowing that love heals, and blessings can create miracles, if this should be as it should.

    If you feel moved to, would you also tweet, share, facebook this on, because love does make the world go round, and for just one moment I would love that we make the world go around Rene …

    And with Rene’s permission, I offer a poem she wrote to all the women in her life …

    Beautiful Woman

    As i walk  into the morning,
    the sun rise’s from behind me.

    I feel some significance.
    I have been crying,
    the company i have kept

    delicious woman who have come and sat in circle
    and shared your inner core,
     your self,
     sacred ,
     opened woman

    whom i have come to grow so much with

    I love you and thank you
    I am remembering you now
    as i sit without you
    Yet you remain in my heart

    I sit and close my eyes
    I am with you
    I feel you
    you are right here now

    Beautiful woman

    Love Rene x x x

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