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    I invite you to become the cartographer, the explorer, the traveler of your life. I help you map the edges and beyond of your knowing by guiding, life coaching and healing as we journey. I show you how to interpret the language, the stories and the new territories you may encounter. This is Life Coaching.

    You will be given tasks, new ways of viewing the world, daily practices to embody your understanding and Touchstone Values to navigate your journey by. Our work together clears the unconscious vows and contracts you have made with yourself and others and widens your intuitive capacity.

    The mapping process also deconstructs and dissolves core beliefs that inhibit your growth or success in life. Your new map guides you to gather ways to integrate, meditate and relax into life. Each session builds on what has gone before, and where you want to go now.

    I ask you to show up, have courage, do the work and be committed. In return I offer all of my skills, to speak the truth with kindness and compassion, help you map your journey and teach you tools to navigate life, speak with your truest voice, become emotionally resilient and clear.

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