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    bunhill fields

    (c) leonie wise


    I am trying to be everything to everyone …

    covering the bases

    making sure everyone knows I have many strings to my bow

    but here’s the resounding truth

    my resonance if you like

    I love working with women, its where I do my best work.

    women who have decided to jump

    i want to be the person who gets your back

    to help you reel in your ramble when you lose the thread

    to be your accountability partner when it all seems too much

    to speak the truth, be the inspiring provocateur

    to offer love, light and sanity when it all feels TOO BIG

    to be right here, all the way through with you

    while you are out in the world Playing Big, loving what you do

    AND if I am not the one for you, I will help you find someone who is

    its the least I can do to make the world go round …

    acknowledgement goes to current clients, various conversations with himself, friends & a feeling whose voice I finally heard.

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