First Light Women

Naked – a guided practice

Imagine a simple & sincere practice, aligning heart’s desire with knowledge & action. Gathering together, mentoring each other, restoring to ourselves templates of feminine knowledge, maps of uniqueness based on our innate inner design as women. Letting everything be an invitation so you can show up as much as you are willing to. 

You will learn how to befriend and tend to the very essence of your being. In such a way that opens trust + love for all that you are becoming. 

How this works

I want for you to be Sovereign to your own life. To live from truth & quiet power and be less reactive to how life dishes up drama. I want for you the ability to move from stress to intention and into living the full expression of yourself. I want all women to bring their dreams into flesh. To gather together and sing into being the very nuances of our existence without apology. To claim from the shadows the deep intuition that powers a woman’s knowing, this knowing that can change her wellbeing. These are just some of what I want for all women. You might also have some wants. Bring them. Let’s make them happen. This is communal alchemy. 

Within Divine Alchemy Circle, we will create a sanctum, a place of quiet to gather within.  Meeting in heart space to awaken the limitless potential of YourSelf. We will name our growing edges, declare + ask for what’s needed, make vows, promises & ally each other. Then we will literally stretch newly back out into the world. And underpinning it all, access to a simple daily yoga practice.

The Practice

We begin Monday, August 2nd First Light in Aotearoa, a time between winter solstice & spring equinox when movement is away from darkness into light.

Each Monday til 5th September you will receive an email with;

  • A weekly theme to work with will include an audio meditation/yoga nidra practice, intention setting, journal prompts, ritual, & a simple chant. 
  • A curated offering from my reading. 
  • A recommended book list.
  • A Spotify Playlist.
  • Weekly Divine Alchemy Circle via zoom login.

These daily practices are informed by the neuroscience of change, ancient wisdom, energetics, ritual & the healing power of the land & ourselves. It is communal alchemy. It is the recall of the feminine blueprint within which our lineage spans beyond time & space. 

It also invites the notion that we have within, all we need to make the change we desire—the emphasis on using your life as the curriculum and your felt, authentic experience as the teacher.

Expect movement, silence, presence & energy woven together to create a 30-minute morning & evening practice for you to integrate into daily life. Every detail of this practice is a thoughtfully curated journey for women wanting to live intentionally, to heal versions of themselves that no longer fit the world they have built. This is a foundation for further practices.

Cost: $250.00

a payment plan is available, please do ask for one.

Costed extra’s

  • First Light Essences to enhance your journey.
  • One-to-One Coaching call to refine your intention.
  • Bespoke Mind-body meditation for a specific situation.