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Narrating Body Stories

Body stories are an internal rumour of memories & narratives we have adopted within our mind & body about where our physical/sensing limitations are. 

They are residues, mind dust, open loops of disturbed emotions buried beneath the veneer of living. They are insidious trauma’s rising to the surface begging for release. They are the detritus of a body without language wordlessly trying to communicate an inner world through sensations.

A narrative is the inner voice activated when we move, sense, breathe or relate to those sensations when moving into a yin yoga practice. It’s the story we tell ourselves about that sensation, feeling, emotion or breath. It’s the sometimes desperate desire to articulate that experience and to make sense of it all. This also includes indoctrinated shame we carry about our body.  

You may find yourself telling yourself a story about why you can’t do something. It may look like avoiding a particular asana, overcompensating for a past injury, reliving the trauma, stressful or anxious experiences over & again.

The Challenge

One of the challenges in a yin yoga practice is staying present within the asana while holding space for the tension of the opposites to emerge. It’s observing the ebb & flow of an awkward inner reunion, listening deeply to the language of your intuitive body.

Yoga practice is learning how to compassionately hold space for ourselves as we oscillate between being present and abandoning what is arising.

Narrating our body stories ask us to engage more purposefully, to reflect & take action. Inner reflection & outer contemplation asks that we stay in integrity with our practice on & off the mat. It’s the practice of deepening into sensation, giving it a voice, then trusting yourself. It’s also about compassionately closing the loop on what holds you stuck.

The Offer

You can find me over on Instagram, where you will find a posture, journal prompt, & a tool to navigate the storytelling threads that arise within the next few weeks.

May it deepen your practice & inspire you.

With great love, Carol