• praise

    (c) Rene Michell


    “Carol came along at a time when things were tough. I had ill health and was struggling to cope with the amount of commitment required to stick with my new career. Her knowledge of the Byron Katie’s “The Work” was just what I needed at the time. Carol helped me to focus on a positive future by using various techniques for me personally and to help my business.  Her unique approach works for stress, helps you to be positive and to leave the dark behind. “

    Fiona Ritchie, Director


    Working with Carol focused my determination into real and achievable action.  Her unique approach looks at all aspects of you – not just the business owner and entrepreneur. Unlike attending a course, her advice is specific and task based.  You need to be the powerhouse driving your idea forward, but Carol’s questioning lends the clarity to your vision.  

    I really appreciated transcripts of sessions being provided so that I could focus on asking the questions within our session.  Now I can constantly refer back to our discussions and having lasting value from our time together.  Have a one on one coach is by far and away better value for money than attending a course, where you spend all your time taking notes and a third of what is said is forgotten as you leave the room. 

    Nin McKay, Fashion Designer


    Carol has helped me reach parts of myself that I didn’t know existed, she has helped me break through barriers that have been formed over years, some that I was not even aware of. I looked forward to my sessions each week with Carol, often turning up with no specific idea on what I needed to work on, however once we got talking whatever it was that needed to be worked on would make its way to the fore.

     In my visits with Carol I have laughed, I have cried, I have felt anger and pain, all of these emotions that have surfaced have helped me to move and keep moving to where I want to be. I love Carols honesty, she never let me get away or hide. I always always felt safe and supported. Carol has a way of seeing things and helping me to see things from a much clearer view, often taking me outside of myself and opening my eyes, giving me many aha! moments.

    Carol gives tools to work with which have helped to empower me, and helped me to take what I learn with her into my everyday life.  I love her passion for the work that she does which is clearly felt in each session, I have already recommended Carol to people close to me and I will continue to recommend her to anyone who may need some help or guidance for whatever reason in their lives, I can’t sing her praises high enough. 

    Shelley Bullivant, Naturopath


    I have had a number of sessions with Carol covering Back to the Heart, Energy Clearing and Past Life Integration and at each one I have been guided through the therapy with great caring and tenderness and have always felt completely at ease and safe even though the work can be very emotional. I have since experienced a free-ness of spirit that allows me to see myself in my true light without the haze and interference of stories and attachments that diluted the essence of me. This new sensation of myself is a journey I savor daily with unwavering adulation, thanks to Carol. 

    Lisa Ellis, Health & Fitness Consultant