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    by  • May 13, 2013 • blog, Reclaim Your Body

    Reclaim your body

    “If you could choose one thing about yourself to radically change over a twelve month period what would it be?”

    I chose my body. Simple. End of story.

    Well actually, its not the end of the story. I decided on my body because, like Elvis, I had left the building. Abandoned it. Ignored it. Resisted it. Let it run down. Went to war on it. Somewhere along the way she and I had parted ways. It could have been when I was birthing babies, mothering everyone, being the lover of, working for, sleeping, being everything to everyone else … who knew, certainly not me in that moment. I just knew it was time to re-inhabit this woman’s body, F U L L Y.

    AND since this is the only She-Body I have for this current lifetime. I wanted back in. In a badass, *will sell the children, their children & will throw in the husband for free* kinda’ way.

    I know from speaking with other women, this is not new. The Leaving. The Abandoning. The Secrets. The Guilt. The Control. The Shame. I wanted to unhook my self esteem from my body.

    Have you ever felt the same way?

    I have Un-learnt the stories I have told myself about how I should look, and don’t (some of them were hilariously funny). I mean really, could I ever look like Cate Blanchett (especially in LOTR) … seriously! I even considered surgery. For a very short while. Right down to where and when, and how to deceive people about having it done. Madness. When I began to dive into my relationship with food, body image, beliefs and stories it was like entering an alternate universe, except it was inside ME.

    Do you have a similar story? I am willing to hear it –  would you share it with me? Maybe you would be willing to be interviewed?

    These past twelve months have been a year of living from within myself. Its been a whole lot of rock and roll, and yet I discovered a rich resource within me, as well as the woman within me who loves me no matter what.

    Learning to love again might be risky at any level, especially true {in my experience} when you have fallen out of love with yourself. Learning to love your body, no matter what, even more so, because YOU become your own shining light, no-one else can do this for you. You have to believe a new truth in order for the radical shift to happen. A truth that is not reliant on clothes, make-up, body size, age or attractiveness.

    My beginning practice started with listening to what my body wanted, learning to interpret the signals. And noticing where I used food as a way of soothing or dulling the emotion. In the process I lost 16kgs. I know now how to listen to Her when she whispers, aches and begs for love. I have learnt to interpret the signals of her yearning, to unhook my self-esteem from the fragile net of a changing, aging body. I feel her Peace, the Joy of being here. Just as She is.

    I want this for you too, if you are willing.

    When you Reclaim Your Body, the “noise” inside quietens, the critic fades away, you stop fighting with what your body does as she changes, and you unhook from measuring your worth by how you look.

    Reclaim Your Body comes out of my own lived experience, and bucket-loads of coaching tools. I have spent the past year un-learning everything I knew about my body. There is nothing perfect in any of this, only the desire to be at peace, to be HOME within this body knowing I have everything I need within me …

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