Restful Yoga Practices

Restful Yoga is a place to stop & pause, to ground yourself, to create balance; it’s a moment in time to breathe deeply — to tend to ourselves. Away from mobiles, work, family, and the daily demands of being ourselves. It’s a quiet space to restore & renew.

When we allow ourselves to be human, to stay in the shape of the posture as much as we are willing to and allow life to move through us and out. When we let the breath catch in our throat, to stay at the edge of our unknowing, to linger long enough that we tremble with the enormity of our courage. If you can stay until that moment passes, and you breathe easily and softly again into this body, deepening into your own mystery, you are at home in your body.

Yin Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga Beginners

Calm Body Calm Mind is a simple & sincere weekly yin yoga practice. The key is to show up, pause, soften & meet yourself just as you are and let that be enough.

Learn how to cultivate states of flow and calm with yin postures/shapes, meditation, and intentional breath practices.

When you dedicate a few hours a week to a Yin practice, you will feel more relaxed, and more connected to your inner wisdom. It’s an intentional, meditative & mindful practice that offers a calming antidote to life.

Time: – Thursdays, 5.30pm – 6.45pm

Venue: – RiverSong

Cost $15.00

Beginners Yin Yoga

Because Yin postures are simple, passive, long-held & floor-based, supported by props, it encourages your body to soften into the yin shape. It allows all body types & ages to find their unique shape and is an intentional, meditative & mindful practice that offers a calming antidote to life.

In this four-week workshop series, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Yin Yoga as a practice for the body and mind. This includes breathwork, Calm Body, Calm Mind tools & simple yin postures that will form the foundation of your practice.

Date: – 3/10/17/24 August, Wednesdays, 9.30pm – 10.30am

COST: $111.00 – Includes workshop notes, YinYoga sequence PDF + complimentary class.

Rest Your Body

Imagine two hours of deep, supported restorative rest. The kind of relax that melts your bones & liquifies your mind into no-thingness, your brain waves ebbing & flowing. Your body weight is supported by bolsters, straps, blankets & blocks, your eyes are cushioned with a soft eye pillow.

Your senses withdraw and gradually your muscles soften & release, allowing gravity to call them to rest.

Any desire to move fades away and your entire nervous system heaves a sigh of relief as any anxiety, stress or nervousness is extinguished by the soft inhale and exhale of a Calm Mind + Calm Body.

Carol Neilson will be Kaitiaki/Guardian of this space

2022 dates TBA

Cost: $45.00

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