• un-tethering

    by  • January 23, 2012 • blog

    Dearest LifeEnergiser Likers …

    With the start of the New Year comes clarity … this tiny shard of clarity is somewhat surprising as I am un-tethering {closing my LifeEnergiser FaceBook page down} from the public conversation and starting one with YOU, if you will join me, through your email mailbox. The old fashioned way. I write a letter, and if you are moved or wish to comment you reply. It feels more real to me.

    I have enjoyed the adventure of being this public and yet I find it is not nurturing the real spirit of communication. This is a new paradigm shift for me in the face of such overwhelming accessibility via the internet. It feels scary, and a little vulnerable to let go, but my needs are not being met with this particular form of communication, and I am ALL about communication.

    If you wish to journey with me through the transition, to wherever we may end up. My mailing list deets are on my FB wall until the 31st January. And if not, Thank You for your loving support and encouragement, you have been noticed and appreciated each time you took the time to make a comment or tick +like+

    my website will still be here {for now}

    Life is out here, in the real world … lets talk about that when we write to each other …

    with love & blessings,