Arc of the spine

Unravel Your Stories

Through our stories we unravel. Through our stories we transform.

We all have stories. Some we tell, some folded into tiny spaces hidden within ourselves. 

When you come to the mat with an intentional practice, and I’m not talking about being able to balance on your head, or being able to manipulate your body into a shape. 

I’m speaking of an intention to discover what lies within yourself. Where you can unfold and release the hidden stories tucked away in your body.

Your yoga practice can be more than just getting your heels to the floor in down dog. 

Reflecting, deeply listening, using asanas to catch the whispers of feelings & sensations is a deeper practice of yoga.

My invitation for you is to write the whispers into reality. In your meditation watch, observe, identify, feel then reflect & write. 

Trust that your body knows which story is waiting to emerge. Greet it with compassion, tend & befriend, practice kindness so it can emerge & transform into wisdom.

Know that you are not the story. The story being told is an invitation to take a risk & tell yourself the truth. It’s a moment where you hinge between past & future selves and gently burn away the dross inherited from your lineage.

A sentence stem or two to bring to the mat;

How willing am I to tell the truth to myself? How can my yoga/meditation practice unfold my story?

You might like to write your emerging wisdom in a journal.