Silence & Solitude

Where Silence Meets Stillness

Silence is becoming a desire, a want in this noisy world. Other than shutting the door on everything & everyone and snatching small moments, how else can you sink deeply into a held space and be nothing to anyone?

Silence & Solitude is a wellness of a different kind.  In this modern world, the old practices can be overlooked & disregarded. To stand in a forest, wander alone beside a lake, and stay in silence without dissolving the wellspring of creativity within you. To let all of the social nuances go & fall in love with yourself all over again requires the noise to go away. It asks of us to stand away from the crowd.

To retreat is an invitation to settle into restoring the ancient practice of withdrawing from the world. To cultivate silence & solitude as a wellness practice is as simple as carving ten minutes out of your day. You may discover the richness of your intuition or the delight of being alone. It could be the best gift you have ever given yourself, being alone.

Imagine moments of deep listening, silence & space to breathe. 

Daily walks of devotion mapping your steps as a pathway towards your inner sanctuary.

I am inviting you into a sanctum of women, into reclaiming a ritual for self—illuminating, awakening insight and softening towards the wanderings that our instinctive nature can take us on. 

Imagine stories told in a sacred circle as dusk gathers her cloak around us. Silence suspended as we speak with voices rich with our wanderings. Gesturing towards liminal spaces of sensitivity.

Silence & Solitude is one of the themes of *Naked* a guided online practice for women

Why Call It *Naked*

*Naked* are beautiful body | mind | soul practices to ground, soothe, embody, heal & reset the vessel called woman. 

I called it *Naked* because I wanted to convey the notion of us getting spiritually, emotionally, energetically & physically naked. Who are we as women underneath all these things we are told to think, do, feel & be? Telling ourselves a version of the truth is a beginning, a shedding of the stories we’ve been told about ourselves.

We open the circle on Monday, August 2nd – First Light in Aotearoa, a time between winter solstice & spring equinox when movement is away from darkness into light.

**Every detail of this online practice is a thoughtfully curated journey for those longing to breathe in, exhale out & live intentionally. It’s for the woman who craves a shift & change in her energetic blueprint; it’s for the woman who holds space for so many others and has forgotten to tend to herself. It’s for the woman excited by change and the woman clinging to the cliff face; it’s for you, it’s for me & all the daughters coming behind us.

If the notion of being in silence disturbs you, please have the courage to reach out and let me guide you through what these days might truly offer. All too often we fall into our inner agitations and leave the possibilities before they have been birthed into flesh. I can companion you through them.