Wild Women Writing

Wild Women writing workshop is a call to women to reclaim their voice in the written word. No matter a woman’s culture, language or experience, there are two words she instinctively responds to, wild and woman.

There’s a stirring of ancient lineages, an intuitive harkening to the wild feminine; a call so old it takes courage to answer it and act on its message. But hear this, when we begin weaving women’s history in words, we reform the narrative of a woman’s existence.

“Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revises the official version. 

~ Carolyn See

In Wild Women Writing workshops, we commence by locating the source of our wild voice. We begin in silence, listening to what is waiting to emerge, then we write answering the call, there will be moments of hilarity and moments of exquisite understanding.

We will dust away the cobwebs of stories we have been told about our intuitive knowing self. As you begin to taste words on your lips, feel the shape of them in your mouth, hear their rhythm match your heartbeat, you will know that you are coming home to Wild Women.

You will leave with a practice of writing daily journey notes supported by prompts, writing meditation and practices emailed to you between each workshop.

These writing workshops are either online or face to face in Nelson. They call into being the deep instinctual language of women; they invite women to tell their rich, intuitive, wild stories by kissing pen to paper. 

When – Tuesday 18th & 25th May, 2021 – now FULLY BOOKED

Online Wild Woman Writing/Journal Workshops – Upcoming events

Wild Women Writing

Online series

Mondays 7.00pm – 8.00pm – 25th August – 19th September

Cost: $25.00/class OR $115.00/series

A payment plan is available for the series.

This weekly ONLINE journal writing session is an hour-long guided writing class. Each week we will explore a different journal topic exploring our voices & stories. We will use both meditation & creative writing processes as well as journal prompts.

In the well held, safe space of these weekly writing sessions, you’ll build your own personal reflective writing practice, find your voice and taste new words upon your lips. You’ll explore & find language that’s been waiting to emerge, deepening your relationship with yourself and your wild woman writing.

Carol Neilson is the space holder for this virtual writing circle. We meet weekly on zoom for five weeks. I do hope you will join me.


Once registered you will receive a Journal Prompt PDF & writing meditation 💚

Open to all women – no writing experience required.