Wild Women Writing

Wild Women writing workshops are a call to women to reclaim their voice in the written word. No matter a woman’s culture, language or experience, there are two words she instinctively responds to, wild and woman.

There’s a stirring of ancient lineages, an intuitive harkening to the wild feminine; a call so old it takes courage to answer it and act on its message. But hear this, when we begin weaving women’s history in words, we reform the narrative of a woman’s existence.

“Every word a woman writes changes the story of the world, revises the official version. 

~ Carolyn See

In the Wild Women Writing workshops, we commence by locating the source of our wild voice. We begin in silence, listening to what is waiting to emerge, and then we write to answer the call; there will be moments of hilarity and exquisite understanding.

We will dust away the cobwebs of stories we have been told about our intuitive knowing self. As you taste words on your lips, feel their shape in your mouth, and hear their rhythm match your heartbeat, you will know that you are coming home to Wild Women.

These journal writing workshops call into being the deep instinctual language of women; they invite women to tell their rich, intuitive, wild stories by kissing pen to paper. 

Classes & workshops are facilitated/curated by published writer/poet Carol Neilson. Her past adventures have been in publishing a book, having one of her articles hit the front page of the local newspaper, and the news website Stuff. In addition, her poem Haere Mai is featured in an interview on RNZ.

Wild Women Journal Writing

Wednesdays 7.00 pm – 8.00pm – Beginning 27th July, 2022

Cost: $10.00/class OR $85 for 10 class pass

These mindful journaling workshop-style classes are a self-exploration of themes in our lives through writing. You’ll build your self-reflective writing practice as a tool for awareness and release of old patterns and beliefs. Each week we explore a theme using prompts, meditation, laughter, compassion & kindness, and attuning your thoughts and mindset to intentional living by creating a liveable intention for the week ahead. Expect to grow through the page.

No writing experience is required.