Yin Yoga Practices

women seated on yoga mat

Yin Yoga is a deepening practice — A place to stop, to ground yourself, to create balance, it’s a moment in time to pause and reflect, to breathe deeply — to tend to ourselves. Away from mobiles, work, family, the daily demands of being ourselves. It’s a quiet space to restore & renew.

Face to face classes are offered in Nelson, New Zealand, with further classes coming late June. Each offering has a purpose & theme, though it must be said life shows up in unexpected ways in a practice, and the unnameable becomes present.

When we allow ourselves to be human, to stay in the shape of the posture as much as we are willing to and allow life to move through us and out. When we let the breath catch in our throat, to stay at the edge of our unknowing, to linger long enough that we tremble with the enormity of our courage.

If you can stay until that moment passes, and you breathe easily and softly again into this body, this home, deepening into your own mystery.

You realise I Am Here Now,

and a new mantra vibrates your cosmos.

butterfly posture on blocks

Calm Body Calm Mind – A Yin Yoga Practice

Calm Body Calm Mind is a simple & sincere yin yoga practice. The key is to show up, pause, soften & meet yourself just as you are and let that be enough.

Learn how to cultivate states of flow and calm with yin postures/shapes, meditation, and intentional breath practices.

When you dedicate a few hours a week to a Yin practice, you will feel more relaxed, more connected to your inner wisdom. It’s an intentional, meditative & mindful practice that offers a calming antidote to life.

Each Thursday at 5.45 pm, we meet on the mat and commit to a yin based practice of slow body gestures, guided meditation and breathwork. Venue: – Yoga studio at Miki D’s Gym

Cost $15.00

Deepening – is the practice of illumination

This two-hour​ class ​deepens you into your yin & meditation practice. Where ​we vibrate the cosmos within. We open by creating a strong centre so we can be present in our lives. Then we soften our heart so we can listen to what our bodies are telling us. Each breath you take might illuminate or smooth the way as you explore the realms of your knowing & unknowing.

If you are willing to feel a little lost, your journey might become adventurous.

A deepening yin practice invites you to embody resilience, compassion & stillness in the midst of daily life; it bridges the gap between mind & body, offering silence within as a homecoming to your true nature. In this space lies your power & your freedom.

Date: 3rd July, 11am – 1.00pm. Venue: – Yoga studio at Miki D’s Gym

Cost: $40.00

woman rolling a yoga mat

Yin Yoga beginners Workshop

Because Yin postures are simple, passive, long-held & floor-based, supported by props, it encourages your body to soften into the yin shape. It allows all body types & ages to find their unique shape and is an intentional, meditative & mindful practice that offers a calming antidote to life.

We soften the muscles to focus primarily on the connective tissue that binds the bones together – the joints, ligaments, tendons and fascia. The effect is to strengthen joints, increase their flexibility & mobility, deepen neural communication via the fascia to the whole body and soothe the nervous system.

In this workshop, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of Yin Yoga as a practice for the body and mind. This includes breathwork, Calm Body, Calm Mind tools & simple yin postures that will form the foundation of your practice.

Dates comingJuly